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A outdoor coffee table – elegant decoration of garden

A outdoor coffee table – elegant decoration of garden

An outdoor coffee table endows an elegant look to a manicured corner of a garden. It offers an elegant cozy setting for a fine breakfast on a sunny morning and a dusky drink in the night. It adorns the beautiful recess of the garden that signifies the artistic taste of the possessor and apples the visitors’ vision and beckons them to this heavenly recess.

Features of an outdoor coffee table

  • A low height wide table, chiefly made of wood
  • Rubber feet prevent the shrill sound of dragging chairs and also protect the flooring or stone beneath from scratches
  • A few chairs around
  • Small rounded coffee table artistically suits its backdrop. Round cornered square or rectangular wide tables are mainly commons.
  • Finely decorated , most of times have a perforated structure
  • Most of them are foldable and easily moveable.
  • Useful to décor the patio and can be used for night parties at lawn.

 Color of a coffee table

Mostly coffee tables come with wooden have the color of milk white. But the color may vary from ash, grey, and brown, black to white.  Color changes to suit the materials that are used to produce a coffee table. Mostly the colors are suitable to décor the lush corner of a well groomed garden. It only accentuates the appealing beauty of the verdant recesses of the backyard.

 Materials used to produce a coffee table

  • Mainly cast aluminum
  • Rot Iron
  • Plastic
  • Wood

These are used to produce a coffee table.

 Pros and Cons of a coffee table

  • Though it is lightweight, it requires a good maintenance.
  • Keep it away from any natural, calamities. It is not designed to withstand any adverse weather condition.
  • It should be kept in a separate storage space during adverse weather situation.
  • They are meant for decoration as well as regular severe use.
  • They are not designed ergonomically and provided with low chairs which are not suitable for a long sitting
  •  Accessories like garden umbrella should be arranged to protect it from sun shine and drizzle
  •  A coffee table can accommodate a good many people around it and is designed to spend some personal moments with other persons.

Placing an elegant coffee table in manicured garden, dates back to Victorian age, the epic age of splendor, elegancy and beauty. Today a beautiful coffee table not only ornaments the cozy nook of our garden, it symbolizes the taste of beauty of its possessor.  If you want to bathe in a fine sun shine, feel lonely but complacent, want to sip a fine drink with your bosom friend, a beautiful coffee table at a flowered corner of your garden, provides you all personal happiness you want.

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