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Beautiful and bold Headboard Ideas to decorate Cots

Beautiful and bold Headboard Ideas to decorate Cots

A Cot is a piece of furniture where one spends one-third of the life i.e. sleeping. A headboard is a statement given to the cot. A beautiful headboard can go a long way in making one feel royal or ruined while the person is on the bed trying to sleep off all the fatigue and weariness that got accumulated over the entire day. The board that decorates the cot should present a pleasant feeling that a person who tries to sleep in the cot should feel relaxed so that he or she feels refreshed on getting up from the sleep. Headboard ideas become more important in creating the ambiance in the bedroom.

Suitable Headboard Ideas based on the mood and motif

In designing and decorating a headboard of a cot, various aspects like the overall theme of the bedroom design, interior decoration, and the general color pattern of the room should be taken into account. The ideas can be creative and can accommodate thousands of designs that create a plethora of patterns and color schemes which in turn can produce a cornucopia of moods and motifs. The headboard can be ornamented with exotic designs ranging from animal and bird figurines such as peacocks, tigers, and elephants to give an Asiatic look. It can be utilitarian by including an assortment of drawers both plain and hidden in which one can store a variety of things including medicines that are used every night, books which help one sleep, headphones, alarms and combs that come handy when they are needed.

Such pieces of boards can be of any material ranging from wood which is very common to plastic which can be very cheap. Wooden boards with or without other materials such as steel or cloth can create beautiful designs. Steel boards with bar designs, beam designs and plain plates can give the cot a sturdy and durable look. It can make the piece of furniture bold and capital. Plastic boards or boards made of everyday ordinary materials like screen doors –frames can also form excellent alternative design patterns which in turn can create an entirely new and imaginative look and feel to the cot as well as to the whole bedroom.

Headboard ideas can be innumerable and it depends on the creator’s imagination and the materials available at hand. A truly artistic piece of work can be created if a dedicated professional who deals with sculpting headboards can provide a royal and majestic feel to a cot. On the other hand a truly creative person can bring out an exquisite and enchanting feeling to a cot by using ordinary materials based on his or her highly creative imagination. Headboard designs are all about unique ideas and desired moods and motifs.

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