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Behind the Dressing Table Mirrors

Behind the Dressing Table Mirrors

The dressing table Mirror is the all important aspect of a dressing table. A dressing table mirror determines the utility and the aesthetics of a dressing table. Aspects like the placement of the mirror in the table, the size and shape of the mirror, the quality of the mirror are to be considered in choosing the best dressing table.

Size and shape of a dressing table mirror

People use a dressing table to dress themselves and to apply cosmetics. In dressing and in applying cosmetics, it is very essential to have a clear view of the person’s appearance. The object should show the reflection of the person and help the person dress and apply makeup. Therefore, the size and shape of it is very vital in determining the effectiveness. The mirror should be of the right size and shape. It is better to have a dressing table with the largest mirror that it can accommodate. The shape of the mirror shall be rectangular or oval as it is commonly seen, but it should reflect enough of the person’s image which would allow the person to dress and apply makeup without any difficulty.

The height and position of the piece in the dressing table is also important. In this regard, movable ones have a definitive advantage over fixed ones. Movable ones can be adjusted for height and angles. This is very useful in reflecting the right image of a person irrespective of their height. The person may be tall or short – the mirror can be adjusted to suit their height. Movable mirrors can also be moved to reflect the image of a person in a certain angle which is very useful to have the view of the person from a different angle.


It is only a piece of white elephant if the piece is not of the best quality. The mirror should be flawless and it should have the right tint to reflect a person’s image. It should be made of plain glass and it should not have any bums or glitches. It is important to inspect the one when buying a dressing table.

The value of a dressing table lies more in the quality of the one than in the aesthetics of the table. It is alright to choose a good looking dressing table but it is equally important to choose a table which has the mirror which possesses all the qualities mentioned. The size and shape should give a perfect reflection of the person who wishes to use the dressing table. The position and angle of such pieces should be perfect so that it can provide the best reflection. A movable one can be a better choice over a fixed one.

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