Saturday , 3 November 2018

Build your house with modern home design

Build your house with modern home design

A common man likes to spend their leisure time with their family and closed ones. The only place where they can meet together and spend their time is their own house. It is also a big asset for their future life. The next word after food and dress is pronounced as a house. People also earn to build their own house and also to set his life with their family with joy and pleasure. So now a days people like to have a house which will be small in size but beautiful in appearance. Now lets say something about modern house plans.

Architectural view:

On previous days a house was made on a plenty of land. So they were huge in size. But now a day the lands are getting shorter day by day. So the houses must be small in size, but catchy in guise. The house of ancient time contained a huge number of tor Steel rods and a huge number of bricks in the brick works because the raw materials of the house were too cheap then. But now a days the materials such as cement, rods, bricks, aggregates are too expensive. So now the houses must be made stronger by using less materials. This can be achieved with proper architectural design and under supervising of trained and experienced Engineers and Laborers. The house must build with maintaining proper earth quack resistance technology to get rid of the damages done by the earthquake. The front elevation of the house must contain either a balcony or a verandah. The main door of the house should be placed at the middle of the front elevation with round headed doors. A  car parking garage must be placed either right or at the left side of the door. The weather board of the balconies must be triangularly hipped in design. It’s better to build a two storey building for a nice architectural view. At least  one window must be placed beside the entrance door of front balcony. One part of the wall can be made of glasses instead of bricks.

Interior design:

The interior part of the house must be planned by utilizing the full house span in a proper way. Such as dog- legged stairs must be used for saving more alloweddistance. The dining areanecessity be planned in the middle of the house with which the kitchen will be devoted, following to the diagram room. The bedrooms and bathrooms must be planed at the back section of the house. Two bathrooms can also be used in a modern house. One at the back and one in the middle of two bedrooms. The roof must be designed with slabs or coloring G.I Sheets. The outer side of the house should be decorated with choosy colors and the wooden door and windows can be used.

So make your own house with using modern design and using of latest technologies.

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