Saturday , 3 November 2018

Change the look with unique Ceiling design for living room

Change the look with unique Ceiling design for living room

Are you planning to design the fifth wall of your room ?Usually people are sick of staring at open cables and wires when they look at the ceiling of their living room. There are great solutions available to get rid of these unattractive items from the living room , get extravagant or false ceilings in your living room area which will impress the visitors a lot. If you have sufficient budget and want to get a an impressive or a dramatic look in your living room with many changes in the furniture settings a , you can consider about ceiling design options.

Now understand in detail about false ceiling before getting it done in your living room. It is a type of ceiling which is supported below the regular ceiling of the room .You can create a nest of false ceilings and add attractive lights in it to get an impressive look. It also helps in improving the look of the room by creating a taller impression of the ceiling.

Types of false ceiling design for living room are:

  • Gypsum-These are the most preferred types due to light weight and fire resistant property. It is flexible can the panels can be tempered into any shape as per the selected design. You will get the particular type of ceiling by nailing a board up the ceiling area.
  • Metal-These are preferred by the homeowners which want a minimalist and neat look in their living room. It provides a a glow in the shades like gold or silver
  • Plaster of Paris -It is the best choice when you have limited time to decorate your living room ceiling. The material hardens instantly and it can be easily stuck on the fiberboard. It creates a smooth and uniform appearance.


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