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Choose the pink bedroom theme without making it too girly

Choose the pink bedroom theme without making it too girly

People who love to experiment every time something new and have flair for unusual things should experiment with pink color in their bedroom. There are different shades of pink color available in the market to paint walls of your bedroom. Instead of using the regular shade of pink you can experiment with darker or lighter tone of pink with hint of orange or brown perfectly coordinated with it.People across the globe are experimenting with unusual tone of pink bedroom with a combination with white or brown to get an ethereal shade for your favorite room.The color helps in enhancing the coziness and warmth in your bedroom.

Chose the shade of the pink that appeals you the most and make a style statement of your own.After choosing the color you need to choose furniture and fixtures that blends perfectly with your chosen pink tone.Always remember to keep in mind your budget limitation as it is not a wise decision to choose higher cost and regretting after getting it done.Another factor which need to be considered while painting the walls is the available space in the room.Do not overcrowd the area with furniture which will create a small and crammed look.

There are so many pink shades available in the market so you need to understand the difference between the all to choose the best one for yourself:

Pinks:It is considered as average pink color which is not very bright nor it is pale.It is in the middle of pink spectrum .It is best suited for nurseries , young girls room .

Light Pink: It is truly lighter than pink and neutral in color so can be used alongside with other colors without getting a too girly look in the room.

Hot Pinks: It is a slighter darker shade of pink which is preferred by the teenagers as it is a louder tone of pink.It is used with animal or cartoon prints to paint the room.

Dusty Pinks:It is subdued than the traditional shade of pink .It is considered best color for interior designing as it goes well with any type of neutral color easily.

You can choose any tone for pink bedroom, but before getting it done all over you should get a patch test done.Color a small part of the wall and check how it will look in the room.The color should enhance the look and beauty of the room so choose it wisely.

You can check various magazines or internet websites to get ideas which type of shades go well along with pink tone. Depending on your room size and furniture of the room you can choose the tone which goes perfectly well with the other accessories of the room.

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