Saturday , 3 November 2018

Expand your house bedrooms with unique basement bedroom ideas

Expand your house bedrooms with unique basement bedroom ideas

With the increase in family requirements of more space and storage the home makers start looking towards the basement as an area of the house which can be converted into a bedroom .It is an excellent area for expansion and less expensive to renovate it. You can design the basement with careful planning and execution of the ideas.

Some of the unique basement bedroom ideas are :

  • Drywall:While renovating or redesigning basement into a bedroom you need to give a new look and space to the walls. You can simply place paneling on the existing walls of the basement, which helps in getting thin and flimsy feeling to them. Instant drywall is the best option after which you can apply wallpaper or paint it in any color of your choice. You can even install the paneling over the drywall if you want to.
  • Carpeting:If your basement is not finished yet , it must be having concrete floor which has a tendency to be cold in the morning which can be uncomfortable in winters. So to fix this problem you should opt for carpeting which is a final step for basement designing. The carpet squares are easy to install, can can complete the look with a padding and barrier for moisture over it. Measure the available area to properly install it .

If you are planning the basement bedroom ideas design into a form a bedroom you need to buy furniture according to the bedroom size. Try to buy furniture made up of material which is not affected by water leakage or moisture if any because the basement is very prone to these problems.


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