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Get extinguis living room paint colors

Get extinguis living room paint colors

The color of the paint is very effective in the design of the living room. However, not only in the living room but it is very important to sustain the design and its stylish look by choosing the proper shades of color. This is because, the color of the walls and ceilings made an effect upon the mood and also it changes the atmosphere. Besides, it also enhances the reflection of the style of the room. Different paint colors can be used for emphasizing the architectural quality and if there is a defect, then it can be covered with the help of the paint. Along with these points, lighting plays a vital role here. Because it will bring out a positive and attractive effect in your walls and ceilings. İf you execute your ideas by keeping all these points in your mind, then your living rooms will acquire a great attractive look.

Now the main points which you should remember before starting to clor your living room:

  • The paint color which you are opting to choose must enrich the style and design of your living room. To get an eclectic look, use bold and bright colors and if you want to give your living room an old traditional sophisticated look, then you should go for dark-toned and deep colors. Light colors or pastel colors works wonder with the cottages or homes near the coastal areas. Likewise, country-side homes should embrace the colors of nature.
  • Before selecting the color for your living room, think about the atmosphere which you want to present in your living room. Think about the architectural details of the room and then think about the proper color which you should select. Balance the texture of your color with the furniture which you have planned to keep in your living room. To create a sense of peace and calmness, paint color should be green or blue. A hue of red may create an artistic atmosphere in the room.
  • Lighting plays a vital role in the mood of your room. When you are using warm colors then try to use a white light which gives the effect of the daylight or a light with a hue of yellowish tinge. Fluorescent bulbs create a bluish tint which is effective on the walls to give a modern look. When you are planning to paint your living room, try to watch over different shades under different lighting conditions to select the right shade.
  • If there is a loft in your living room, then to emphasize the feature pain the room with light shades like beige or white. Undertones of blue or green works great to detail the features present in the room. Besides it will enhance the spaciousness of the room. Light shades with the light undertones will not work that much like the darker undertones.

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