Friday , 12 October 2018

Go Crazy with Funky chairs

Go Crazy with Funky chairs

Funky chairs…!!! Yes. As the name suggests, design of this chair is so funky and crazy to look. In this millennium age, everything has a unique identity with some crazy stylistic ideas. Chairs in this respect, had under gone a various changes in design and now it is available many designs. These funky chairs came as the result of crazy, creative ideas to individualise the design from the usual ones. In this concept anything can be used as a chair. That is a semi deflated gym ball can be used as a chair. What are which shape are size you want, just make it a chair to give a different look to your room.

Concerning the shape of these chairs, there is no condition or regulation or limitation to imitate, a banana, cup and saucer, hand, brush, giraffe, camel, lion, spring, television, satellite … etc. As there is no rule, you can shape the chair in anything you can imagine. Another point is colour; even colour has no restrictions, multiple colours or single whatever you wish you try it. Patterns or design in painting, no need to be go with the style of the chair. Some rare ideas will help you to make an entirely different funky chair.

These are also movable and portable. Technical development enables the manufacturing of these uncommon shaped chairs. In all these designs a common thing is that the stability of the chair. It will not be rickety to make you funny. Though there are wobbling chairs in general, these funky chairs are designed to be appearing like a weird one at first look. At the same time this type of chairs cannot be used all places like, business centres and public offices. Places like graphic studios and creative offices may use this to show their unique concept.

In general kids’ room possess at least a pair of funky chairs as a matter of sport. Children are attracted to these styles easily. An egg shaped chair will look nice if your kid looks up from its hiding place in it. This is similar to single seat sofa in which unexpected changes have done in design, colour and material. The upholstery material in chair will have a soft cushion like softness but the appearance will be a thorny cactus. These things caused its name.

The funkiness of the chair is attained either in the shape or in the colour. Two different colours in an abnormal pattern will make an ordinary chair into funky. While buying a funky chair try to concentrate on the durability of the material. Because it will make you forget the reality in its indifferent look and it will easily mesmerise others.

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