Friday , 12 October 2018

Help your princess build her palace – the Right Girl Room Decor

Help your princess build her palace – the Right Girl Room Decor

Gone are the days where girls loved to have their rooms dipped in pink. The girl room décor have changed and will change in future as well. The girls of this day do not flaunt those typical girly desires anymore. They’ve changed with the changing times and they have a deep-rooted affinity towards the contemporary look which is in vogue for quite a while.

One must remember the fact that to create a unique room for one’s little princess, one should aim at creating a space which would help the girl grow. The room along with its furniture must express the girl’s individual personality, this is the key to make her feel safe and secure about the place where she spends most of her time. Most parents wish to give their daughters a room which would suit her age, but on the contrary, some of the few celebrated interior decorators suggests them to think of the future needs of the girl and decorate it to cater to the same to avoid redesigning the room year after year.

Having said that, one should also pay attention to smaller details such as the furniture and toys which add to the elegance of the room and give it a particular aura by making the room look complete. Most important of all it’s the curtains that draws people’s attention first while they’re about to enter a room. So ensure that you’ve adorned the room’s doors and windows with curtains that flaunt soft shades rather than the darker ones which would eventually make the room seem masculine.

The ornamental display items that one uses to decorate a room do count when it comes to adding to the feel factor of a room. Generally, girls’ rooms’ are filled with toys ranging from teddy bears to ceramic dolls and such toys really have something special about them that they make the place look more appealing and warm. But filling the whole room with dolls of varied sizes and colors may not work wonders to your room on all occasions. Big and high-roofed rooms look good with a lot of toys but the medium-sized and small rooms look pretty odd with so much stuff. Hence it is better to avoid decking the room with too many dolls and toys.

Most important of all it’s the walls and the paint of the room that you live in which tells a lot about the kind of person that you are. So, be careful with the shade that you opt for, keep in mind always that your objective is to make your room look contemporary, chic and comfortable in the first place more than anything else. The room shouldn’t be too dark or too bright, if you go to either of the extremes you’d get nothing more than stress and frustration. Don’t go overboard and keep it minimal. It will be the best girl room décor.

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