Saturday , 3 November 2018

Holistic Hospitality   make your guests feel at home with good Guest Bathroom Ideas

Holistic Hospitality make your guests feel at home with good Guest Bathroom Ideas

It is always a pleasure to treat guests at home. When a guest appreciates a particular feature of your house, or when he or she is really impressed by a particularly attractive piece of design or decoration in your house. You feel very proud, happy and satisfied. The place where one’s guest is best impressed is the guest room. Every part of the guest room should therefore be carefully and meticulously designed and decorated. At the same time it should also be accepted that in a majority of houses, the guest room and all the necessary attachments to it wants space because it is always difficult to find either the space or the budget to build the guestroom. Only a well thought out and carefully executed plan can bring out a guest room which is both aesthetic and utilitarian.

Make the guest feel good with good guest bathroom ideas

With whatever space that is leftover or allocated to build the guest bathroom, a completely sufficient bathroom should be constructed that gives a spacious look and a comfortable feeling. Typical ensuite bathroom design strategies can be used in designing the guest bathroom. Large tiles can be used in the floors and in the side walls. Large mirrors can be set in one or two walls. Specially placed lighting will then give a spacious look to the bathroom. The bathroom need not have all the amenities that are usually present in a regular bathroom. A guest is going to stay for a short while in the house and therefore the bathroom need not be as utilitarian as the regular one. However, it should have the basic amenities of such a place. The closet and the flush shall be of standard quality and standard design. The wash place can have hidden shelves which can allow the guest to place all the toiletries. The wash basin need not be a big one that would accommodate all the things that usually accumulate over an extended period of use. It is enough if the place can accommodate the bare minimum things. The shower should be well placed that allows easy access and that can allow the guest to have a comfortable bath.

Guest bathroom ideas should allow standard planning in building the place. A guest always feels strange in the place and therefore he or she would feel immensely comfortable if all the amenities are found in the right places where they are usually found in standard bathrooms. Imagine a guest searching for the sanitary hose while using the closet or searching for the medicine cabinet in order to pick a medicine or a bandage, it would make him or her strange and they generally feel embarrassed to ask the host for such details. Good ideas in planning the guest room and all its features can go a long way in making the guest feel at home.

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