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Innovative and inspiring teenage room ideas

Innovative and inspiring teenage room ideas

Parents constantly wrestle with the problem of decorating teen rooms. It is a usual practice to paint a boys room with blue and a girl’s room with pink. Except for the common pink ones all other colors are unisex colors which can be used for a teenage boy’s or girl’s room. If anyone wants to deftly decorate a room there are numerous ways to it. Parents can select any type of décor according to the taste of their children. The décor chosen should be such that it will make the inquisitive neighbors envy on the teens. The room should have space for sleeping, placing a study table, the guests, the display of teens valuable possessions. Usually these rooms are used by the teen as a place of hideout because the present day children want privacy.

Teenage girl Room ideas:

Every girl is a princess to her parents. So her room should be decorated with such a way that would reflect parents love towards her. Her castle’s Walls can be painted with white, pink, and white with green or even turquoise blue. Strong contrasts which are eyes catching would be another good choice. Alluring wall murals can be used which shows pomp and pride of a teenager’s room. Flower printed bedding for an artistic look, headboard, mirrored furniture, and chandelier picture can be used. Even chandeliers can be beautifully hung instead of ordinary light fixtures. Soft cotton bedding with beautiful sheet beds which compliments the color of the room can be used. Duvet and duvet covers which supports the décor of the room is another brilliant way of decorating a ten girl’s room. Heart shaped ottomans can be used to increase the beauty of the room. Rooms with beautiful views can be tried. Pallets added with super hero art, fabric pockets attached to the side of the bed, shelves surrounding TV, books, toys can be used .Small shelves leading to lofted beds is another splendid way for jazz up the room. Sofas which can be converted to guests bed can be used which would help the girls to receive her guests and spend time for them without having to go to the lounge .Oblong pencil holders can be used to encourage collecting tendencies of these teens. Corkboards in the bed to display artwork, ribbons can be another good way of enhancing the beauty of a teen age girls room .Z desks in the study room with free standing desks or free standing tufting on steel bases along with rolling chairs can be used. A Mirror is an inevitable dresser of any girl’s room.

Teenage boy room ideas:

A Teenage Boy’s room is usually painted with black, blue and brown. Wallpaper with geometric print is an artistic way to grace up the room .Sports theme would be the best choice because they are usually crazy about cricket, football etc. Having knowledge about his hobbies would help parents to gussy up his room in a better way. A Punching bag, a miniature plane, a gaming device finds a place in a boy’s room. A bunk bed or a mobile bed with colorful rugs are different ways to prettify a boy’s room. Space saving pullout bed, under bed storage, floating shelves are a clever way to add grace to the rooms. Suspended shelving with wall storage systems can be tried. Wood table with white chairs, table lamp, computer, Picture frame and library can be seen in a boy’s room.

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