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Innovative modern track lighting

Innovative modern track lighting

Track lighting is the new method of using lights in a place corner with the purpose of decorating as well as lighting the room. This modern technique of track lighting can be used for personal as well as commercial purposes. Track lighting is a kind of surface mounted channel which holds the electric lighting unit and supplies power through the channel. As track lightings are mounted, they can easily be molded and fixed through the beam or the wall and also can fall off the wall through the attached cable.

These track lights are mounted on the ceiling walls of a particular place. It can be mounted in different ways such as:

  • lengthwise down the wall beam;
  • crosswise according to the structure of the beam of the wall and ;
  • can also be hung from the high ceilings like vaulted ceilings.

Today’s modern track lights come with low electric voltage between 10, 12 or 24 volts which run through the tracks and are decorative by its very nature. The modern track lights are endowed with the transformers which converts the high voltage into low voltage.

There are many modern varieties of track head lights which are available. Track head lights vary with their looks and voltage. Therefore, for an effective light exposure, one can use the same accent light head for the precise beam control. As of today it is recommended to use line voltage halogen or LED which are energy efficient with an excellent color quality.

The beauty of the track lights can be glorified with the proper layout and configuration of the track heads and the channel mounted to the wall. Modern track lights show the following features:

  • move the track heads around
  • add more track heads according to the usage or to bring convincingly dramatic exposure.
  • change the type of the heads with colors of the lights.
  • point them in directions and many more.

There are variations of track lighting such as:

  1. Cable lighting – A variation where the fixtures are hung through the cables which are of low voltage. Two sets of cable are connected with the short wires with a clip holding the bulb or its socket in artful manner.
  2. Flex track or monorail track lighting – A single line of cable which is called monorail which is attached to ceiling using the stems.

There are many different track lights transformers which can be used creatively. They are easy to operate like low voltage dimmers which are cheaply made and the usage is effective and also interactively loads less electricity. A proper mounted track lighting and well planned track system will add much in the room decor.

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