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Inspiring Living Room Design Ideas

Inspiring Living Room Design Ideas

A living room is a place where you chit-chat with your family and friends and attend the guests. This conversation area is a heart of the home where all the essential things are gathered and create an elegant and stylish environment.

The designing idea of living room comprises many things. Such as rugs, couch, chairs, curtains and many more. The absence of even one thing can spoil the overall image. All the accessories that you are adopting should be in harmony.

A side lounging:

A living room always demand a seating area, cushions, sofas, chairs, sections are consider the best for it. To get the maximum amount of seating opt for a full size sectional that is perfect for big living rooms and for the small opt for the separate couch.

Place it in the corner, if the space allows. The color and design of the sofa should follow the overall look of the living room.


For the warm environment, draper is the need of every living room. You will find unlimited varieties of the drapers when you explore the curtains market. You have array of colors and ample of ideas for you to choose from. The look of curtains depends on the theme of the living room.

Except curtains, you can also think of covering windows with the balances.

The Wall color:

The plain wall does not shine in the living room. To spruce the overall look, you have to apply some fresh paint.

You can paint your entire living room with the one shade. The most of the designers vote for at least two shades to give a trendy look for a wall. The light living rooms are popping up in the home.

With the wall colors think of doing some creative work on it. Draw a painting or paste a poster. To give your family a surprise, you can also choose of hanging designer frames of you family and friends.


If you are decorating the whole room, then, why to leave the floor area alone. Cemented floors are now not in vogue, instead tiles are preferred by a number of homeowners. You can install any tile randomly, consider the wall color and wall design and come up with the best design. For example, if you have applied gray shade on the wall, follow the light gray color tiles on floor.

For floor decoration, rugs are preferred. So, consider of placing rug in your living room to complete the look.

Additional accessories:

For living room, there are no certain a formula or rules to decorate it. You should follow your own choices and preferences while decorating.

Hence, you can buy a vase, the lighting lamp, side table, chairs to create extra seating space, the list is endless.

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