Saturday , 3 November 2018

Kitchen Island lighting to brighten up traditional or contemporary kitchens

Kitchen Island lighting to brighten up traditional or contemporary kitchens

Usually a cooking room has shelves and drawers for storage purpose, a dining area, a counter top on which the people cook, a deep sink with worktops, an attractive back splash and refrigerator drawers. A kitchen Island is a separate area or space in any American style kitchen to create extra space for various needs of the users. Kitchen islands have access from all the sides of the room. A kitchen island is a blessing in disguise for those who don’t have a big cooking room. If the room is big, it itself takes care of all the needs of such a room in itself. On the flip side, if the room is small, one has to get the hang of solving this problem with the help of an expert. The best way to design this extra space is to pick the brains of a designer. There are many benefits of having an island in a cooking area. It creates an extra storage and seating space. It itself can be converted into a main cooking area or a sink with work area.

Lighting brings life to any part of the house without which the house looks dull. It enhances the beauty of the house and also boosts the spirits of the people. Different types of fixtures should be used for lighting different parts of a cooking room. Pendants can be hung from the top to illuminate a kitchen island. If the island bench is rectangular in shape or is big, more than one can be hung for better illumination. It looks really awesome if they are suspended at different heights. Pendants which are open can be used if a moderate light is needed. There are different types of pendants such as glass, plastic and metal pendants. Among these glass pendants are very attractive and are very effective in diffusing light. Antique pendants are also an ideal option to brighten up this place. Different types of attractive chandeliers such as linear, up light, pendant, cluster, down light, pendant bowl can be used to light these spaces.

The use of these fixtures to highlight an alluring backs plash would be a brilliant idea because it enhances the beauty as well as the functionality of the cooking area. A pot light can be installed if a single fixture is to be used for the whole room. A dark color island lighting can be used to lighten up this area if a bright island countertop is used. This contrast lighting idea will work wonders if tried. This would definitely look fabulous and steal the show. With regard to the height from which they could be hung is generally about 27-30 inches above the island. LED bulbs may be used in chandeliers or pendants because they save on electricity bills. Be it a chandelier or a pendant a diffuser may be used to adjust brightness would complement the mood of the occupants.

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