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Night Stand  Completes the style of a bed room

Night Stand Completes the style of a bed room

A night stand is a bedside table. It is usually designed to stand beside a bed or else where in the bedroom. It is used as a coffee table during night time. In modern days, a divan or a bedstead always comes with a night stand. It has similar style of the bedstead with which it accompanies. A bedstead and a night stand altogether complete the style, design and furnishing of the bed room.

History of Night Stand

Before attached bathroom became usual, the essential function of a nightstand was to hold a chamber pot. As a result, first night stands were usually small cabinets, sometimes provided with a built-in drawer, and usually holding an enclosed storage space to keep the chamber pot. Surprisingly, such cabinets were often called by another term, was “commode”. Interesting, isn’t it?

Utility of modern night stand

Modern stylish nightstands are elegant and stylish in beauty. Usually it is one of the useful furniture in bedroom. A night stand often comes with a couple of drawers. They are often used to hold items which are useful during the night. People usually keep an alarm clock, mobile phone, desktop intercom, reading matter, a glass of water, or medication into its drawers.

Materials for making a Night Stand

Night Stands  are made of different materials, mainly wood, marble or metals. A sleek and trendy night stand with elegant decoration and ornamentation, are mainly made of oak wood. Sometimes its top is covered with a clear sheet of glass in a trendily polished wooden frame. A round cornered night stand  with a beautiful lamp shade is a great pride for an artistic bed room.

Size of a night Stand

The size of a night stand must be suitable for the size of the bed room. Its width should suffice the   space to afford the easy seating for a night lamp and necessary articles that are used at night.

Shape of a night stand

The shape of a night stand affects the interior decoration of a bed room. Please consider these following things while choosing one of them.

  • Square shaped: most of the night stands come in this shape, fitted with one or two drawers and a cabinet to hold necessary articles.
  • Round shaped: looks elegant and stylish. Generally it does not contain any cabinet or drawers. Its glass top is used to keep a stylish vase or chic night lamp.

A night stand is considered to be an integrated part to complete the ornamentation of a bed room. In modern days, small families live in small houses, where they always try to maintain stylish and beautiful looks of the rooms. A night stand plays a vital role to get the desired look of a bed room.

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