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Planning For Modern Coffee Tables ?

Planning For Modern Coffee Tables ?

Coffee tables are not used in every home, but still are the point of focus for many and it can bring a new dimension to your living room. It usually sits in between the sofa sets and is supposed to be a temporary halt for your glass of water, a cup of coffee or a plate of tortillas dipped in fresh cheese. Hence, it might be a cliche to call it as coffee table and the term is more like a misnomer for new buyers. There are many innovative designs and ideas for your new coffee table. You can even get a custom made for yourself at many places.


The one thing or theme that is common for all modern coffee tables is their base material, which is natural wood or manufactured wood. The next thing is the exterior finish that might be made of wooden veneer, lacquer, wooden textured laminates, toughened clear glass or just highly polished wood. There can be variations, not only from the perspective of of the materials but also the design. In the accompanied photographs you will find many unusual, but stylish ideas that are simply fabulous. Clean linear designs, sharp edgy cuts and bends form the primary wireframe of these designs.


A combination of glass top with a carved wooden base that beholds a lamp is stunningly beautiful. There can be multiple fake shelves in parallel for a sporty look. There can be a couple of wooden shelves at various angles or positions resembling like a rising tower. It can serve as multiple resting areas at different altitudes like a tree. There are designs that encase glass or mirrored glass inside a completely wooden or MDF case from four sides revealing the glass only from the sides. This really looks attractive. The inner space is just hollow. There can be little bigger ones that incorporate cabinets beneath the actual table top. These can be laced with metal handles that are subtle and not so protruding. The doors can be sliding for placing some magazines or newspapers when not in use to keep the table top free for other items. For example, when you begin to watch a movie you can quickly shove the papers and pen beneath and place the popcorn and drinks on the table. Obviously, there are also hybrids of glass and wooden vessels. Some modern coffee tables come with occasional glass tops that cover partially or completely. It is mixed seamlessly with the wooden parts to give a nice look.

There are also many other forms and designs available in the market and a simple online search will present you with many more ideas. The nature inspired designs are always most appealing.

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