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Relax in comfort and style with rattan garden furniture

Relax in comfort and style with rattan garden furniture

Decorate your creative garden not only with plants; clay animals also get a fresh look by using fancy furniture of rattan. Go with the size, space and capacity of people. Rattan is a growing popular among decorations for home and garden. Make your entry path of the home glow.

Rattan Garden Furniture Design

You can get the rattan garden furniture in various forms like; 2 Seated Coffee SetRetro Rattan Effect, 4 Seated Dining Set Comoro Rattan Effect, 3 Seated Coffee Set Caravels Rattan Effect 4 Seated Coffee Set Rattan Effect, 3 Seated Coffee Set Caravels Rattan Effect Sun lounger Since rattan grows so quickly it is sustainable and economic as it is quite easy to harvest and transport. Consequently, loggers would rather harvest rattan than timber.

For those of you not in the loop, rattan is best known for its use in furniture – both indoor but predominantly outdoor. The leaves of rattan can be weaved and intertwined to create beautiful furniture. The stem of rattan can be cut and used as wood in furniture and the inner part used as wicker. Rattan is strong, lightweight (depending on its width and thickness), flexible, and durable. The effect in the hands of an expert is beautiful. Rattan also is conducive to being stained and painted so it is available in many different colors.

Creative Décor

Rattan has become very popular due to its natural look and durability, yet it does have some drawbacks. Although it is durable, leave processed rattan in the outdoors for too long and it will start to degrade. Also, due to its popularity and diminishing supply due to over exploitation it is not exactly cheap. However, you can have your cake and eat it as well. Rattan is also used in the manufacture of planters, baskets, and other works of art.

Fantastic natural product

Rattan is a fantastic natural product but it seems as though man and technology have managed to “out-nature” nature with synthetic products that imitate the look of rattan but without its limitations. I guess imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery after all.

With ample room to seat 4 people, rattan furniture set is perfect for entertaining guests on your patio, decking area or garden. A cube design means that when stored the set takes up no more space than the table itself, with the footrest and armchairs stowed under the table. The set consists of 4 cushioned chairs, 4 cushioned footrests and a rectangular table with a glass top and parasol hole. All items are constructed from weather-resistant polyrattan, hand-woven on to a sturdy aluminum frame.

Rattan Garden Furniture Design Sets will inspire you about how to set up and decorate the garden to make it look better

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