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Safe Toddler beds for playful children

Safe Toddler beds for playful children

A bassinet or a crib is used for newborn babies. They sleep peacefully in these kinds of infant beds till the age of two. After that when they start to escape from these bunks they are transitioned to toddler beds.Toddler beds are small beds for kids, usually from the age of two to seven.After seven just like infants are shifted to toddler beds they are shifted from toddler beds to a normal cot.The shift from a crib to a big- kid- beds should be gradual.Even though babies   can start sleeping in these beds from the age of two it is better to wait till three because they might not be ready for a change.

If there is going to be another addition to one’s house they can shift them before the new blessing arrives.Usually later born children get adjusted to the shift soon because they see the older ones sleeping in these big-kid-beds already and also want to be like them.To make this changeover comfortable parents can place the beds in the place of cribs to make them feel that they are sleeping in the same crib or can use the same crib blankets or mattresses. These beds are usually placed near the ground toprevent the babies from coming out of their beds.They should have lower side rails to save them from accidental rolling out of their cots.The mattresses used should be of the same size of these couches.

Toddler beds designs

There are lots of designs available for the young princesses and princes. Girls beds are invariably pink in color.The designs with decorative rails, posters having crown touch or one modelled like a princess’castle will give a royal touch to these couches.Generally girls are crazy about female cartoon characters.The one adorned with a Disney princess cartoonin it will be a great addition to any girls room.Loft beds are available in which there is a ladder in the center for the child climb upto them.There is a huge storage space available underneath for these children to keep their toys.Bunker beds are not only stylish but also accommodate adults.They are space savvy because twokids can comfortably sleep in these types of beds.There is another model in which a futon with an attached toddler bed is available .In case of need this futon can be converted into a full sized bed.Boys are really crazy about cars and male cartoon characters.There are attractive racing car designs and the Thomas the tank engine model available in the market.These designs will not only give a captivating look to the room but also acuddled up feeling to these tiny tots.

Things to be borne in mind before buying a Bed

Whatever be the design,these toddler beds should be safe.There should be protective rails along the side of the beds.These rails should be upto half the length of the beds not to give an enclosed feeling to the children.Support slats should be there. These big kid beds should confirm to the safety standards.The mattresses should be at least 5 inches below the safety rails.

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