Friday , 12 October 2018

Save Yourselves from Permanent Spine Injuries: Use Ergonomic Chairs

Save Yourselves from Permanent Spine Injuries: Use Ergonomic Chairs

Sitting is generally looked at as comfortable and harmless. Sitting for a short period, say one or two hours is perfectly fine. But, sitting for long periods is also stressful. Too much weight is applied to the thighs and the backside. The lower spine receives a lot of pressure and blood flow is hindered as gravity pulls blood to the legs. This stress induced by continuous sitting can cause permanent spine injuries. Don’t worry; there is a way to avoid such spine injuries: use Ergonomic Chairs.

What is meant by Ergonomic Chairs?

Chairs that are designed to suit the working condition are called Ergonomic Chairs. It is designed to suit the person who sits on it. It protects the backbone and prevents damage to the spine. It allows the backside to rest easily and relieves a certain amount of pressure from the thighs. They distribute the stress evenly and reduces damage caused to the various parts of the body.

Preventing Injuries

Sitting for long periods causes spine degeneration. Spinal columns especially L1, L2, and L3 in the lumber region degenerates and lose their space and position as they are made to receive all the stress while sitting in an ordinary chair. A  chair designed using ergonomics can prevent this injury to the lumber region. Improper body position while sitting can cause deformation in the spinal column. The entire column loses shape and becomes curved instead of being straight. This can cause Spondylitis and other related ailments. Using a chair which is designed as per ergonomics can avoid such deformation of the spinal column.

A Good Chair

Not all chairs that have the label ‘Ergonomics’ can be called Ergonomic Chairs. They should pass certain tests and should have certain qualities to get classified under the label. The chairs should have casters which allow moving it easy. The base should have at least five arms to prevent capsizing. It should also swivel easily without any glitch. The seat pan (part of the chair on which you sit) should be wider than the area of the backside and this together. The back rest should give complete support to the spine. Tiltable chairs which allow working either in a straight posture or in a reclined posture should be preferred. Height adjustable chairs can help sitting in a comfortable position. Only such chairs can be brought under the label. Therefore, using such furniture where a lot of sitting is required can be a perfect solution for preventing spine injuries which are caused by continuous sitting. Ergonomically designed chairs should be the right choice for anyone who wishes to buy a chair for sitting for long times. Prevention is better than cure so, buy an ergonomically designed chair to avoid serious spine injuries

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