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Table Runners to suit formal and informal table settings

Table Runners to suit formal and informal table settings

To spiff up dining tables, table runners is an ideal choice in any house. Table runners are narrow cloth used on the table or table cloths to spruce up the dining table. They can be placed in two ways. They can either be hung lengthwise down from the center of a table or placed widthwise on the middle of the table. Usually they are hung across the table to give a stylish look. Be it a round table or a square one it perfectly blends with the favorite place setting. These accessories can be used to deck out the dull looking or boring tables.

Lengthwise placement of the table runners:

Whatever be the style of placement of these embellishments, measurements of the table has to be taken. If these centerpieces are hung lengthwise from the center they should be one third the width of the table. If they are short in length, then they  should be one third the length of the table. Lengthwise placement is done in the case of informal table settings. Another important thing to be noted is that if the centerpiece is   placed on the tablecloth, the end of the same should be hidden under the runner.

Widthwise Placement of table runners:

If these ornamentations are placed widthwise they should be slimmer than the ones placed lengthwise and should complement the table setting. They have to be one fourth the width of the table. Table mats can be placed on the top of these runners.

After deciding on the style of placement, next thing to be considered is the type of fabric to be used to decorate the table. If it is a formal arrangement, silk, satin or even polyester can be used to give an awesome look. Even lace making will look stunning for a formal table arrangement. In case of informal ones, cotton fabrics can be used. Different types of designs are available in the market. From the one with a cotton damask pattern having a French touch to a simple floral one, from the floral one to stripped one are available. One can pick up according to his or her own choice. They are available in different colors as well. One can choose from green, purple, black and pink. Whatever may be the material or design, runners should be affordable and easy to handle. One can buy them and try out hand painting which would give an attractive finishing to these. On a dark table light embroidery or painting can be done to give an eye catching effect. Different geometrical shapes can be imprinted to give a rich look to these garnishments. To beautify the top of the table napkins, a vessel of fruits or even a flower vase can be placed.

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