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Taking A Look At A Modern Bed

Taking A Look At A Modern Bed

Designs is all about the various aspects of the way you use a product and it always simplifies and enhances user experience. The design of any modern bed also revolves around comfort and aesthetic beauty of your living area. There are people who always desire uniqueness and individuality and it is not unusual to expect the same when it comes to designing their bedroom. We have compiled a list of the current trends that are followed even in luxurious hotels to attract customers and also equally loved by modern interior designers.


The perspective to designing a modern bed begins with a new thought. It can be strange at first like addition of nightstands beside your bed or making your bed seem like a two storey building with multiple shelves for the mattresses. There can be changes in usual shapes of rounded and curved edges to straight and linear ones. There can be variations in the legs by replacing four of them with a more arched and bent dual metal plates on either side to support the bed. There are also variations that change the height depending on the fixtures and hinges. The back panel also serves as a potential design aspect for a little variation.


There can be metal supports instead of traditional tapered legs on the four corners. The bed is obviously made of a wooden base of MDF with laminated bark chocolate veneer. It looks very attractive with white sheets and white wall. Your modern bed might also have additional surface instead of a rectangular boxed look. The additional space on the sides of your pillows can act as resting space for your phone or the book you were reading last night. Another variation of the same design style can have a higher bed with a hollow underneath. It further reduces its weight and makes it more manageable when breaking and re-assembling it elsewhere. Your modern bed need not be boring at all. It can have designer nightstands attached to both the sides that go well with each other in a seamless manner. There are beds with very large back panels that are properly cushioned with various patterns like square pinned blobs. These can be white with dark colored sheets or vice versa depending on your walls. Dark mahogany and walnut brown also go nice together. Wooden textured surface also looks good in many places. The sheets and cushions, their height and proportion with respect to the base of the bed also matters from the design point of view.

Finally, you can have hybrids of glass shelves and nightstands attached to your bed. You can further go online and find your perfect inspiration. There are always ideas that might be better depending on your specific requirements.

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