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The elegance of Eclectic Furniture

The elegance of Eclectic Furniture

Variety is always a treat for the eye. It is all good to have uniformity in choosing furniture – either traditional or modern, but variety in choosing and placing furniture around the house – a mixture of both classical and contemporary designs can also be equally attractive. The most important feature of such an eclectic theme is that it will never go out of fashion.

Eclectic furniture is both unique and utilitarian

Any piece of furniture should fulfill two requirements: it should be functional and at the same time it should be beautiful. Take for instance, the bedroom: what more than a professionally designed comfortable mattress of the modern day to have a good sleep. But, place a classy looking bedside table of a traditional design near it to give the room all the elegance it needs. Both the pieces can complement each other in color or patterns. And, all the aspects including comfort and splendor can be achieved.

Eclectic Furniture can be Complementary

Don’t be afraid of the possibility of mismatching any furniture by placing two different styles of furniture side-by-side. A careful selection of the pieces based on a common theme such as color or pattern or texture would definitely complement each other.

A plush and comfortable sofa in the living room and an antique coffee table may not share the least common style, but when put together they can complete each other and can give an exotic look to the décor of the living room.

A Mixture of Motifs Makes a Perfect Palate

To have a single motif in decorating a room, or a house, or a place has been the traditional view; gone are those days when people looked at single motif decoration. Variety in motif has become a fashion in the present day decoration field. People tend to like the different and in this difference in the motif of furniture can make all the difference. Eclectic furniture is the answer for such an interior design pattern. Assorted furniture can spice up the otherwise monotonous pattern of the traditional single motif arrangement. Diverse furniture adds that newness to any design which offers a breath of fresh air to someone who expects sameness in design. A single motif can often be suffocating to somebody who likes to have variety and spice in the appearance of the room and its furniture.

Eclectic is the Right Choice

A variety of furniture can be a suitable solution to balance the budget allotted for furniture. If an antique piece burns a hole in one’s pocket, a budget design along the modern design can allow balancing the budget besides providing a special experience to the eye and the heart. Mixed furniture will no doubt be the best choice in terms of taste, budget and overall satisfaction. Multi-style furniture always remains in fashion and never goes out of fashion. It is the right choice for balancing the budget. It can give a different look and feel to the interior of a room.

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