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Use the open area of the house by choosing unique rock garden ideas

Use the open area of the house by choosing unique rock garden ideas

The rock garden exists in our lives since the twentieth century, which is in various shapes and sizes ranging from a simple to a luxurious one too. Every rock garden is unique in itself with rock garden ideas ranging from flowers to rocks to exotic ponds and waterfalls inside them. Some people consider it as a place to relax and enjoy with harmony. The first step while building the garden is built with the native rocks of the area to get a natural look. You can choose the rocks ranging from sandstone to limestone or any other stone which is light in weight.

Second step is to place the rocks to give them a natural look .While selecting the rock garden ideas you need to first check the stability and fertility of soil to check whether the planted rocks are settled or not. The plants chosen for the rock garden should be able to survive in the climatic conditions of your house. You can add your personal favorite plants to enhance the beauty of the rock garden.

While creating the garden always choose the right type of soil which should be composed of dirt which is mandatory to enrich the soil properties and texture. The garden should be exposed to essentials like water and sun remember that it is not overshadowed by the big trees around the area. Water is very important for the growth of the plants so remember that land should be porous because stagnation of water can harm the growth of the plants. Avoid use of strong and powerful fertilizers which is harmful to the overall health of the landscape and soil.

There are a variety of rock garden ideas available which you need to select depending on numerous factors. Japanese rock garden: It is a simple idea where you place some sand and rocks in a contained area which can be changed easily whenever required. The arrangement of plants in the rock garden depends on the plant type selection as it should be eye catching to enhance the look of the garden. Before planting any type of plant you should check the acidity level and pH level in the soil. It gives you ideas, whether the soil is suitable for your chosen plants or not.

If you are planning to keep lots of plants, then place the rocks further away from each other to provide space for the plants. You can gather ideas from magazines which are specialized in particular types of designs. The Internet is also a great source to gather ideas and information to design a rock garden in your house easily. You can even hire an interior designer specialized for the same if you are unable to devote time for the same.

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